Ball! Ball! Ball!

Ball! Ball! Ball! is a children’s picture book for children ages 2-5. It was inspired by my own son and his fascination with everything round. When my son was two he didn’t speak many words, but “ball” was one of his first and most used words. He loved finding balls all around him in everything from peas to light posts. We even had to open his hand every time we came inside because he somehow always managed to secretly collect a few berries so that he could feel the little round balls roll around in his hand. I always loved watching my son when he found something round. He would yell out “Ball! Ball! Ball!” and would smile because he was so excited. I find it is the little things that make children happy and it is important to take the time to listen and enjoy their discoveries and share with them in their excitement.

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Get the Book!

I originally made the book Ball! Ball! Ball! for my son and printed it on my own. I also made a few copies for friends and family and shared how I made the book on my blog, “A Little Donnerwetter”(Click on Blog in the navigation bar). After receiving a lot of positive feedback on the book, I have decided I would like to try and publish it. Therefore, I am currently in the process of searching for literary representation for Ball! Ball! Ball!. If you are interested in learning more about this book or others that I have written. Please contact me below.