Ball! Ball! Ball!

Ball! Ball! Ball! is a children’s picture book for children ages 2-5.

Tom, a young autistic boy, is fascinated with all things round and enthusiastically points out any object he can find that looks like a ball. As a way to communicate with her child who only has a limited vocabulary, Tom’s mother uses his obsession with balls to teach him all about the various sensory characteristics of the items he finds. From peas to balloons, Tom learns that “balls” can be smooth, squishy, pop, and even have different temperatures. A delightfully uplifting story, Ball! Ball! ball! will show you that even love can come in the shape of a ball.

I find it is the little things that make children happy and it is important to take the time to listen and enjoy in their discoveries and share with them in their excitement. As a teacher I have often worked with children with learning disabilities and autism, and I find it important that these children are also correctly represented in picture books and children’s literature. Every child with autism is different. This story is only about Tom and his obsession with balls. It is my hope that Ball! Ball! Ball! and stories like it will reach a wide audience and help promote sensory and autism awareness.

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I decided to illustrate Ball! Ball! Ball! with fabric in order to give the story an added sensory element. All illustrations were first carefully crafted with various layers of material, then added to Photoshop only for finishing. I originally made this book for fun and printed copies for family and friends. I have decided to publish it independently due to demand and in order to make it available to parents, schools, and libraries. If you are interested in using Ball! Ball! Ball! in your school or institution, please contact me for more information regarding educational options, such as displays, curriculum ideas, or school visits.

Ball! Ball! Ball! will be available on Amazon in May of 2019.

ISBN 978-1-73-395950-6