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Artist, illustrator, and

children’s book author

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A Little Donnerwetter Books 


At A Little Donnerwetter we believe that all children, especially those with special needs and autism, need to be able to relate to characters in picture books. Therefore, we find it fundamental that all of our books are first critiqued not only by child psychologists, therapists, parents and caregivers, but also by children with special needs and autism themselves. We hope to promote a more realistic view of the day to day life of children with special needs and autism through storytelling.

“Although no two children are alike, many books about special needs give the impression that all children with a specific disability or need are the same. As you know, this is far from the truth. One child may make eye-contact, while another may not. One child may be sensitive to touch, while another may love getting hugs. This is why each of the books in the Happy Heads Series tells the story of only one child and his or her challenges and triumphs. I personally hope that in doing so we can share a more realistic representation of disabilities and autism and help raise awareness about important conditions that many children face such as sensory integration, obsessive compulsive disorder, dyslexia, and anxiety.” - Kelley Donner

Listen to my podcast on the Author’s Unite Show with Tyler Wagner

Listen to my podcast on the Author’s Unite Show with Tyler Wagner


Ball! Ball! Ball! - A picture book to inspire sensory awareness
Writer/Illustrator/Book Design

The first in the Happy Heads series, Ball! Ball! Ball! is an uplifting sensory story about Tom, a boy with autism, and his obsession with all things round.

Little Jack Thomson’s Magnificent Brain
Writer/Illustrator/Book Design

The second book in the Happy Heads series, Little Jack Thomson’s Magnificent Brain is a book about Jack, his imagination, and his mother’s unconditional love and support.

Available this fall on Amazon.

For more information about how I made the illustrations in this book,all linocut with watercolor, or to read more about Jack, please click the link below.


Art with kids

I am very lucky to have three budding artists in my house. Whenever I sit down at the kitchen table with a project I am always joined by at least one of my boys. I love watching them discover their talents and become better artists. At Christmas time we usually make Christmas cards to sell at a local fair. These cards were made by my boys Jonas, 9 and Lukas, 7.

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My artwork

I have loved art since I was little. Although I have always loved to paint, my favorite medium is linocut with its strong black and white edges. I am amazed how it is possible to draw wind with only black and white and to create feelings where there is only emptiness on a page.



Please contact me if you would like more information regarding my children’s books, illustrations and artwork or if you are interested in having me come speak to your school or conference. Many of my linocuts are also available for sale.

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