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My Story

Kelley Donner knew she wanted to be an artist as a little girl. She grew up on a farm in rural Kansas where she fell in love with the endless horizon, warm sunsets, and miles and miles of telephone lines.

After receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Art, a Bachelor of Arts in German, and a teaching degree, Kelley went on to work as an English, Art, Piano, and Science Teacher in both primary and secondary schools in the United States and Europe.

Before becoming a mother to three wonderful boys, she was the District Manager of Instruction for 13 Berlitz language schools in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany where she supervised over 300 teachers, wrote diverse ESL curriculum and handbooks, taught public speaking and gained experience in marketing and sales.

Kelley has continued her love of art and has exhibited in both the United States and Germany. She began writing and illustrating children’s books after she became a mother and discovered her love for children’s literature and illustrations. She has also published short stories in the independent magazine Clownfisch.

She currently lives in Cambridge, England.